I imagine a young girl
Who today might be excited
To start high school.

I imagine a young girl
Who back then was excited
To be betrothed.

She was a good girl
Far from perfect
But plenty good enough

A pretty girl
Far from stunning
But plenty pretty enough

A devout girl
Far from saintly
But plenty devout enough

A happy girl
Far from trouble-free
But plenty happy enough

A loved girl
Far from worshipped
But plenty loved enough

A simple girl
Far from stupid 
But just a simple girl

Who looked forward to marriage
And, please God, making babies
With her young husband

Until she became a surprised girl
“Full of grace” God’s messenger said
What could that mean?

Then Gabriel explained
And Mary of Nazareth
Became Theotokos.

But Gabriel left
Returning to God’s glory
Leaving her to explain

The unexplainable 
Unimaginable miracle
That would look like sin

And the pregnant virgin 
Fled to her cousin
Elizabeth the barren

Who was also with child.

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