A Weird Man

There was a man
Who just didn’t care
About sin

He said he knew God
Claimed he spoke for God
Yet he didn’t pay any attention
To who was good and who was bad

(Proving, at least,
That he was not
Santa Claus)

He ignored equally
The rulers of his religion
And conquerors of his nation

He refused to worry
About anything
That he should have worried about

He loved to welcome people
Teach them
Help them
Feed them
Protect them
Heal them

He didn’t like the big expensive temple
He didn’t like the priests
He didn’t even like the best educated people

He never seemed to have much ambition
He never settled down
He wandered around
Saying strange things
Doing outrageous things

I can’t help but wonder how he would feel
About the church that is the legacy
He never seemed to want


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