As Pharaoh

As Pharaoh 
Of my own life
I make treasure
Of false gold
And enslave
True treasure

I harden my heart
I turn my gaze on others
Demanding their service

I hold myself mighty
I rest in comfort
On my enveloping couch

Ah, Lady Wisdom
Hear my prayer
Save me from myself
Disturb my comfort
Lower me
While loving me

Turn my gaze inward
That I might see myself clearly
But with your compassion

Soften my heart
Please Lady Wisdom
Soften my heart

Again and again

Do not look away
Watch for the first
Brittle hardening
Like frost across the windowpane
That will hardened my heart into ice

Please, Lady Wisdom
Do not look away
Only breathe, breathe
Your soft holy mother breath
Onto my hard freezing heart

When the frost of anger 
To harden my heart
Exhale your soft holiness
Into my soul
And soften my heart

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