Imagine, if you will, a person
No, wait, I don’t mean imagine the idea of a person
I mean SEE a person
How tall, how heavy
What color hair, eyes, skin
How old, how gendered

SMELL that person
Are they
Clean smelling
Slightly stale smelling
Or really rank

HEAR that person
Is their voice soft or loud
Their accent particular
Or talking heads generic
Do they snuffle
Or just quietly breathe

I don’t want you to sit there
Reading and imagining a vague person
I want you to imagine
A flesh and blood person
With girth and height
Color and clothing

Name that person
Know that person
Believe in that person

Now here’s the hard part
Believe that person
In their very particularity
Nothing more and nothing less
Is God
That is, that person is
Just like you
Just like me

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