Psalm 5

Hear my words and my sighs, O God
Hear my cry for help, my sovereign God
For I don’t know where else to turn but to You
In the morning, every morning,
I will lay my needs before You
And then wait with hope
Knowing that You do not promote wrong-headedness
You destroy lies, envy and deceit
Only by Your great mercy will I be able to come into Your house
And bow down to You
Only if You lead me in Your merciful righteousness
Away from the wrongness that is the enemy I fear
Only if You make straight Your way for me
Away from the crooked wrong way
Where I can’t trust my own thoughts or feelings
Away from the treacherous sinkholes
Of depression and self-disgust
Deceit and envy
I need Your help, O God, to recognize them
Declare them unworthy
Banish them!
They have no place in merciful righteousness
Love and gratitude, generosity and kindness
Courage and laughter
Faithfulness and light:
Let these have Your protection and help
Be my refuge and gladness
I want to sing with joy
Protect me
Help me to love goodness and rejoice in righteousness
For surely, O God, You bless merciful righteousness
You surround goodness with Your shield. Amen.

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