Psalm 4

Please answer me when I call to You
O my righteous God
Relieve my distress
Have mercy and hear my prayer
Otherwise, on my own, I turn glory into shame
I delude myself and seek false gods. Please & Praise
I need to remember that God has set apart the godly for goodness
I need to remember that God will hear me when I call
I truly do not want anger and envy to rule my life
When I lie in bed each night and search my heart
I want to find peace and silence. Please & Praise
I want to know that I have made good choices
That I have trusted in God
With many others, I ask “Who can show us any good?”
We can find the answer in the light of Your shining face, O God
Looking back on my life, I realize that You have filled my heart with greater joy
Than any riches or benefits, honors or achievements
When I remember this, I can lie down and sleep in peace
Knowing that in You alone, O God, I dwell in safety and goodness. Amen.

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