Psalm 6

O God, when I forget You, here is what happens to me
I feel deserted, disciplined
I can’t see any light; my world grows dim and gray
Not just my spirit but even my body
Starts to fall apart
My thoughts come back again and again
To feeling sorry for myself
I know this but can’t save myself
I need you, God, to deliver me
Because Your love and light never fails, never dims
But I can’t remember You when I am caught
In the dark grave of depression and despair
I can’t see You; I can’t lift myself out
I just lie there, moaning and groaning
Wearing myself out with depressing thoughts
Now, while I can, I call out to You
Please, please, God, protect me from these very real enemies
See my weakness, hear my cry for help, accept my prayer
Let my darkness vanish in Your light. Amen.

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