Psalm 7

God, my God, I take refuge in you
Asking You, begging You to save me from the darkness that pursues me
Please don’t let it destroy my peace
Don’t let me tear my own life apart
Don’t let me feel sorry for myself as if there is no one who can help me
God, my God, when I forget You, when my thoughts go only downward
Then I have no peace of mind; I rob myself of happiness
I let all the dark and negative overtake me
I live in shadow; I sleep in dust. Please & Praise
God, my God, arise in my mind and lift me up
Up and up lift my thoughts
Away from my own darkness and doubt
Away from depression and despair
Awake in my mind, in my life, my God
Awake and bring truth and goodness
Gather my thoughts and feelings around You
Rule over them from on high
Judge them
Pick and choose those that are worthy
Those that will help me live life well
Those that are true and good, like You Yourself
O my good and true God
My Creator who knows my mind and heart
You can bring an end to the violence I do myself
You can make my goodness strong
You can be ruler of my mind and heart
You can keep me hopeful, loving, faithful
I need to remember that
I need to remember that I can depend on God
God is powerful
God is never negative, never defeated by darkness
God’s bright weapons are aflame
They burn through my darkness
When I am filled with doubt, despair, gloom and doom,
When I fall into the hole I have dug for myself,
When the violence I do to myself begins to tear me down
Then I need to turn my thoughts and feelings to God
To brightness and power, to hope and love
Up, up and up, to light, to thankfulness
To my powerful God
I need to sing praises to God Most High. Amen.

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