Psalm 16

Guard my mind and heart, O God,
To You I turn seeking a peaceful spirit
Here’s what I have come to know:
I am better, happier when I am Yours
When I forget You, my inner world descends into turmoil
Your saints – living and dead – help me to remember You
They show me the joy of living with You

On my own, I only increase my sorrow and confusion
When I turn away, when I start doubting, stop praying
And let my worldly concerns rule my life

Keep me in prayer, please
Keep me from letting preoccupations and worries,
Hurt and heaviness rule my mind and heart
Help me to remember that You are God
You love me; in You I have security and safety
With You I find pleasure and peace, delight and light
I want to live my life praising You, not doubting You
I want to know Your wisdom, Your peace each night
I want to set You always before me
Letting Your light banish my darkness

My mind, heart and body are well with You
You will not abandon me to my dark despair
You will not let me rot in anger and worry
In You I find my way to life and light, to energy and joy
Forever. Amen

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