Psalm 25

To You, God, I will lift up my soul
In You I will trust; You will be my God, my only God
But I know myself – there is no way I can really do that
Unless You squelch all my tendencies to ignore You
To let my life be ruled by my fears and worries
Instead of by my hope in You
So keep on clearing the path for me, God
Be the gardener and groundskeeper of my mind and heart
Teach me how to control my fears and worries
Teach me Your truth, remind me of Your ability to save me
So that all day, every day, I can live in Your hope and peace
Thankfully, Your mercy and love are older and stronger
Than my sins and miseries
Just, please, treat me according to Your mercy and love
Rather than according to my sins and miseries
I’m Your child and, like a loving child, I want to be like You
I want to be good and upright, like You
I want to be humble and content, like You
I want to be loving and faithful, like You
So, again, I pray that You will treat me
Not as if my failings were all there is to me
But as though I truly am like You, made in Your image
I know I envision a good life for my children
So I’m sure You envision a good eternal life for me
But I can’t get there unless You clear the path, plow the road
Whisper Your truths to my heart
Help me to remember that my wounds
Those wounds of depression and despair
Discouragement and envy will only heal
Not by my finger probing them again and again
But by applying, again and again, day after day
The healing salve of Your mercy and faithfulness
So I pray with the psalmist
“Turn to me and be gracious to me
For I am lonely and afflicted
The troubles of my heart have multiplied
Free me from my anguish”
To believe in You means to have confidence
That You get it, You know all of the ways
That I feel beaten and overwhelmed
And You want something better for me
You can create something better for me
You can rescue me; in You I can find safety and peace
In Your great castle I can live a life filled with truth and rightness
A life of peace and plenty
Save me, o God of old, God of ages, God of ancient salvation
You save millions, billions
Let me be one of them
Save me from all my troubles.

One thought on “Psalm 25

  1. O God. Great Gardener. She is right. Make a path. Part the waves, to boot.
    O Lord. Put my feet together. Lash me to a cross.
    Lord be a witness to love. We can do it when you are with me.
    When I read your words, they are good. I depend…….


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