Psalm 30

I will turn my thoughts and my thanks to You, God
For lifting me up, for giving me the grace to live well
I turn to You for help and You heal me
You bring me out of those deadly Ds: depression, despair, doubt
Surrounded by, in harmony with, that great cloud of witnesses
I sing to God, I praise the holy name
I may feel God’s anger at moments
But throughout my life I live in God’s love and grace
I may cry through some nights, but morning always comes
There comes – again and again – those times – those blessed times
When I feel secure, when my faith is strong and solid
When I can live in an awareness of God’s grace
When I feel my life is large and strong
But when I am overwhelmed by doubt, I shrink and quake
Then I need Your grace, God, to call to You
As if I have to convince You or remind You
That I cannot praise or appreciate You when I am in that pit of ds
When I am as if just dust with no divine forever
Again and again I need to call out of the dust of my life
Call out to You for grace and mercy, for help
Help to live joyfully, help to lift up my heart
Help to live in thankfulness to You always. Amen

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