Psalm 29 — once and again

In God I find strength, glory and holiness
In God is power and majesty
Uprooting my weakness and troubles
Breaking down my doubts and denial
When I feel close to God, my heart skips and sings
When I feel close to God, my spirit overflows with joy
When I feel close to God, there is no desert in my soul
There is no forest of confusion
There is no storm of uncertainty
Such relief, to believe in, to know, the power of God
My spirit cries “Glory to God”
God is my sovereign forever; God is my strength forever
God blesses me with peace. Amen.
and again:
Let me always acknowledge God’s glory and strength
Let me worship God, humbly before such holiness
Here is my hope and victory:
God rules the world
Oceans and forests, animals and weather, deserts and cities
All heed God’s voice, God’s powerful, majestic voice
As with the physical world, so with my internal world may it be
May God rule, may God be enthroned forever
So I can cry, “Glory! Glory and praise and thanksgiving”
God, give me strength; God, bless me with peace
Your peace that passes understanding. Amen.
(And thank you very much)

2 thoughts on “Psalm 29 — once and again

  1. I love the idea of that we know God controls the external world yet we aren’t that willing to give God dominion over our internal world. Perhaps we don’t think it’s possible? We are afraid?


  2. Ah, Norma, too true — last night I was reading Psalm 65 and those are pretty much just the thoughts I had. If we really GOT IT, that God rules the entire physical universe, how could we fail to trust Her/Him with our internal universe?


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