Psalm 60

Old images speak to me of God being elsewhere – anywhere but with me
I may not know the geography, but I know the feeling
I thought You would win all my battles for me, God
Forever, once and for all
I thought You would conquer my enemies, banish them
So that I would be at peace always, living in Your sight, Your light
But, no, oh no, instead I am left to wonder where You have gone
Why You leave me to the merciless mercy of my demons and darkness
Come on, God, if You’re angry with me, get over it
You haven’t given up on me, have You?
Left me to desperation, to drown my sorrows, to truthquakes and night terrors
Save me, help me, let me revel in the light of Your love for me and mine for You
Let me live in landscapes shaped by Your might, Your right, Your love, Your salvation
If not You, then who? If not in Your presence, then where? If not by Your strength and righteousness, then how?
Answer me, I beg You for I am worthless in this battle; alone, I am already defeated
But with You, with You, I will claim victory
I will plant Your peace when You trample the weeds of my mind. Amen

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