Psalm 65

God, most high and excellent Creator, Redeemer, Sustainer
Wisdom Woman
God, today I come to You in joy and gladness
With promises of faithfulness
With gratitude for answered prayer
I come to You as we all come, whether we know it or not
When life overwhelms me
When my own treacherousness betrays my happiness
When I can’t forgive myself
Laughing and happy, I come with Your great cloud of witnesses
I come because there is nowhere better
I come because with You, in Your goodness and righteousness
Is where I find peace
Because You, in Your mighty righteousness, You have saved me
Delivered me
Given me hope
Just as You created the mountains
Just as You silenced the stormy seas
Just as You have given Your creatures peace and salvation
You created me, You quieted my fears, You give me peace
Wherever I am, I can see Your glory and Your joy in Your creation
In the beauty of sunrise and sunset
In water: rain and rivers, oceans and snow, streams and mists
In the earth: furrows and ridges, pastures and hills, meadows and valleys
With Your good creation, I will shout and sing for the joy of knowing You.

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