Psalm 64

Hear my voice, O God, raised again in complaint
I know I whine – forgive me but hear me & help me
Keep my peace, conquer my worries
Help me to live in goodness not wickedness
Help me to give love not hate
Help me to be tender not biting
Help me to be joyful not bitter
Don’t let me be overtaken, overpowered by envy
Don’t let me be ensnared by jealousy or worry
Keep me from hopelessness
Keep me from pride
Keep me from deviousness
Destroy those destroyers of my peace, Oh God
Ruin them, run them out, reverse their plans
And then, and then, lend me Your righteousness
That I can rejoice in You, take refuge in You
Remain steadfast and upright in glorifying You. Amen.

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