Psalm 61

Who are You, God?
A person who answers my prayers?
A rock?
A refuge?
A tower?
A tent?
A winged creature?
My benefactor?
Yhwh, the great I Am Who I AM?
I pray but I’m not sure Who it is I pray to
Someday one image speaks to me, someday another
Someday none
The old images, the old words
I cry out, my heart grows faint
I don’t ask to be queen, to be enthroned forever
But I do ask for peace
I turn to You to heal me of my dissatisfactions with myself
Can a rock, a tower, a tent, a winged creature heal me?
I need a Person who will love me faithfully
Of that Person I will sing forever
That Person I will love forever
Or at least as long as She gives me the power to love and sing.

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