Psalm 68

Let God rise up and scatter my doubts and depression
Let all darkness and despair flee
Evaporate like mist in the sun
Melt like wax in the flame
Let my gladness, my happiness, my joy
Rise up with and to God
Let me sing praises to God
Let me lift up a song into the sky
Because God, my Lady Wisdom, gives me joy
Parent and protector
Provider and freedom fighter
No longer need I be a prisoner of despair
No longer need I live a dry, parched life
God, You lead people out of bondage
God, You keep people safe in the wilderness. Please & Praise
Powerful God, Wisdom God of desert and garden
You save me, time and time again,
Leading me back to faith, to belief, to joy
When You, God, are Ruler of my life
How I love it when my doubts and darkness flee
Disappear in Your power, Your grace
I feel rich, rich in the gold of Your power
The silver of Your grace
Scattering the thought-enemies
The feeling-enemies
Who attack my peace
What do mountains of earthly wealth and power count
Compared to the wealth and power of God’s love
With might, untold unimaginable wisdom
God has conquered the worst of my inner enemies
Has led me to Her own place of refuge
God receives my praise and love
Even those parts of me that struggle
Blessed be the Sovereign God who daily bears me up
God is my salvation. Please and Praise
God is a God of salvation; to God, my Sovereign Lady Wisdom,
I owe my escape from doubt, despair, darkness, defeat
And death. Amen.

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