Psalm 108

The psalmist proclaims that her heart is steadfast
Ah, how I envy her
What is the opposite of steadfast
My heart is that – wobbly slow
Too slow, so often, to remember how good my life is
With God
Too wobbly, always, to hold onto that truth
But this morning, this morning
Praise God
With the psalmist I sing and make music with all my soul
Quietly but surely the music of comfort plays around me
Hope dawns for me
If there is one consolation for being so often lost
It is this: the wonderful feeling, the dawn feeling
Of being found, of coming again from darkness into light
Of knowing myself to be part of that great cloud of witnesses
Of laughing with the new old knowledge
Of God’s great love
God’s highest, deepest, longest, surest faithfulness
So today I thankfully join the psalmist across eons
To pray
Be exalted, O God, above the heavens
Let Your glory be over all the earth
And, like the psalmist, I hastily add
Save me and help me, deliver me
Because You love me
I believe Your promises
Today I believe; always I want to believe
When I wander, when I despair, when I doubt
Is it not You, God, I wait for, hope for
Is it not You who has to lead me back to You
My own efforts are usually worthless
Until I turn to You, until I hide behind You
As You gain victory, again and again
Over my doubts, depression, despair, darkness
Ah yes, this morning they are defeated
I rest and arise this morning within Your victory
For me. Amen and Thank You

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