Psalm 147

I will praise God – and feel good because it is right
God builds me up; God gathers in my wanderings
God heals my broken heart; God soothes my wounded spirit
The same God who created the universe
That great God almighty, powerful, all understanding
That God lifts up my downtrodden spirit
That God defeats my own wickedness
I hum, I vibrate with thanksgiving for God
God of growth, God of renewal, God of life
God of sustenance, God of soul food
God does not care if I am the best or greatest
God cares only for my hope in Her steadfast love
With God’s great cloud of witnesses, I praise Her
For Her help, for Her strengthening of my weakness
For Her borning of my hope
For Her peace and Her bounty
For Her Word throughout my life, though I wander
She is God even of my darkness, my doubt
Even of the cold times of frost in my soul
Time and again She melts my frost
Time and again She blows away my doubt
Time and again Her waters of mercy wash me
And so I come, time and again, to Her
To be one of Her people, to live as Hers
Praise God. Amen

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