Dare her
To talk and begin to try to wipe away those misunderstandings
Like scum on the shower wall when you forget
That washing yourself is not enough, you have to clean the shower too
Or like essays unedited
That almost reveal some new truth or old truth newly conceived
But instead confuse you and leave you angry and restless

Dare her
To listen and begin to try to laugh again together
The laughter like money hoarded just for you two
Stolen coins, slick with their owners’ unshed tears
Or like sneaky playground bullies
Who hurt so quietly that you seem mean to protest

Dare her
To put on an asbestos suit and step with you
Into the lava pit and then take off a glove
Maybe, or lift a face mask
Anything to feel a little again even if it burns
To feel something like the same again
Even if only there in the

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