My Friend

Echoes chime and ring through her life
Seeing reverberates through time
This garden reminds her of one in Norfolk
Years ago
Hearing resounds each moment by moment
This hymn was a favorite of the former priest
Tastes and scents, touches and feelings
Reflect and repeat, repeat and reflect
This cheese now, remember the gouda from the abbey
Made by the nuns who say their cheeses are blessed by Jesus
This perfume, her mother’s favorite
The blanket’s nap beneath her fingers
Just so her infant son’s favorite blankie
The son who now lives in England for his job
Her trip there to visit him
How like the one she took with her ex back when
She walks through her history
Her past ever in her present
Living with her ghosts
But oh so gently
Echoing, reverberating
The loves she treasures and shares

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