Salvation Dreams

“Unless you become as little children…”

Kneeling in the dark church
Amid lingering incense smells, lit votive candles
Inviting angels and visions into the pews
Prayers become dreams become wishes become dreams become prayers
If I pray harder, fast better, abstain more faithfully
What I take for my soul longs for visions, visitations
Stigmata, even , should I yearn, learn, turn truly, completely
Radiantly, incandescently holy
Pure dreams, sure dreams, child dreams
Knowing with the deep knowing denied the winter witch
Knowing the onetrueholyapostolic
Way to enter heaven
Sin is my original nightmare, soul stains
Venial and mortal
What if I die on my way to confession?
My envy of altar boys is sin
Wanting to be an astronaut, probably sin
Wanting to be a priest, definitely sin
So I dream of being a saint
Blessed and loved, special and content
I kneel and dream
What I take to be my soul dreams of being a saint
While my traitorous mind
Dreams of priests and astronauts
JesusMaryJosephSaveMe I pray

“…you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven.”

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