Choking on an Apple on an Anvil

[A word of explanation about today’s poem: My response to the prompt from Two Sylvias Press grew from my anger at the first reading for today’s feast day, in the Catholic Church, of the Immaculate Conception. This is one of two high holy days honoring Mary, and yet the prescribed Old Testament reading was the Genesis story of Eve eating the forbidden fruit.]

My temper rises as I read:
Genesis casts Eve as sin’s originator.
My metaphorical foot stamps hard on a metaphorical brake.
My faith is in flux;
the sheer scale of misogyny overwhelms me.
I cannot quench my anger
at this persistent drawing of the first woman as evil temptress
whose appled bite blasted Adam’s cozy world to ruin,
hardened God’s heart,
wilted paradise’s bloom,
doomed us to slush forever through guilt’s muck and mire.
I can no longer cope with this monstrous mythology.
I file this imagery under poisonous patriarchy;
I refuse to dip even a metaphorical toe into their all too real slime.
I live my life in recovery from such toxic teachings;
I discard it all: Adam, Eve, snake, apple, core and consequence.
I feel the sweet wild wind of the goddess blowing through my purified soul.

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