Something of a Sonnet Peace

[This is the first daily challenge that I felt was more trivial than challenging – but I am not sure I correctly understood the intent. As I thought more about today’s prompt, I had an AH HA moment and decided I had indeed misunderstood it, and so I rewrote the original poem. I leave the original here, although it somewhat irritates me, for comparison purposes.]


Love’s sweet silent chords
Binds my heart with soft cords.
Love’s weight in precious metal
Tests my strength and my mettle.

Love’s promise needs no prophet
To reveal all that I might profit.
Love’s garment is a seamless piece
That encircles my heart with peace.

Love’s rising sun brings bright morning
To end forever morbid mourning.
Love’s magic makes two become one
With lonely battles fought and won.

Let not my soul to hatred fall prey
For love, to all the gods I pray.



Love’s sweet silent music binds my heart with soft chords.
Love’s gold and silver beauty shines like precious mettle.
Love’s rich revelations unfold my present and future prophet.
Love’s garment encircles my heart in a seamless peace.
Love’s sun rises to noon at the end of mourning.
Love’s magic brings victory with bright battle one.
Love’s loss will not on my soul pray.

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