Forth and Back Mash-Up

The post read, “If you love America, stop criticizing the President and start praying for him.”

  • Pollution is less and millions of people are out of work.
  • We are told the cure could be worse than the disease.
  • Don’t be afraid but don’t touch anyone.
  • The beautiful quiet screams away my peace of mind.
  • I love my home and can’t wait to be free of it.
  • This all feels very new until I remember, “It was the best of times; it was the worst of times.”
  • We are one nation (whether or not under God), un-united.
  • Mom’s grandchildren are FaceTiming with her more often and she feels more lonely.
  • No one knows the troubles I’ve seen and I am very, very lucky.
  • I sympathize with my father’s frustration and hate his violence.
  • I have fewer obligations and more expectations.
  • The media loves bad news and this is more than media hype.
  • Hope is essential and false hope is fatal.
  • That malaria drug has shown some effect and no effect.
  • We are social distancing and we are not doing it enough.
  • I love my son and I am furiously disgusted with him.
  • I care more about Notre Dame burning last year than churches closing this year.
  • I love writing and too often dislike what I write.
  • My old woman’s body refuses to respond quickly to my young passion for my new husband.
  • I criticize the President and I pray for him.

Shout Hosanna and Crucify Him.

I believe. Help thou my unbelief.

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