A Prayer for Compassion

(Cf. Psalm 1)

Blessed can I be
If I do not run to compete
If I do not stand around feeling better than others 
If I do not sit smugly judging others

Instead let me focus on collaboration
Turn my mind always to God’s compassion

Then my spirit will take shape 
Like a fruitful tree
Watered by fresh flowing communication

Please, Lady Wisdom,
Do not let me wither and shrivel into competition
Help me be compassionate and collaborative, 
Nourished and nourishing
Help me to remember that without compassion
My efforts become like dead leaves
Blown every which way by competitive thoughts

My tree will be bowed down, broken and uprooted
I will be unable to enjoy the ripened fruits of compassion

The compassionate choice supports harmony and community 
The competitive choice brings discord and isolation.  

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