Good Morning

What is this feeling? 
How do I name it?
As I lie here
In the early pre-dawn 
Woody gently snoring
Beside me
And the white noise machine
Making waves

I woke to a realization
Of a necessary task

I had not set up
Mom’s breakfast


I move
Through the dark
Turn on minimal lights

Quiet…slow now…slow
Hush…no need for hurry

Bowl, spoon, cereal
To the table
Soft through the still air

Milk into the small bottle
Meant for salad dressing

Why this contented sigh
As I fix the prune juice mixture?

My hands flow in a slow ballet
My body ripples through the air
Making only small disturbances
Nature’s asanas
Kitchen yoga

Mom’s breakfast is set now
I’m back in bed
Under the quilt Ruth made
Writing as Woody gently snores

How shall I name this slow quiet
Feeling that fills my chest
Almost heavy
Quilt heavy…not stone heavy

This feeling that is as easy with sorrow as with joy…
with memories as with dreams.
This feeling of loving myself…
of gratitude for my life,
sadness about mistakes
wonderment about achievements
This divine feeling

hush now…

Good morning, friends

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