Early Morning Prayer

The fox does not know
How to live
Except in the moment

The tree does not mourn
Summer nor
Long for spring

The wave does not resent
The shore
Where it dies

The sky does not conquer
The earth
To grasp more for itself

The sun does not fear
As the earth spins

The moon does not cling
To full
And refuse to wane

Let me live
Not then nor maybe

Let me rejoice
Not fearing death

Let me welcome
The new shore
While enjoying the deep sea

Let me share
As the sky
Shares rain with the earth

Let me lighten
My world
Though sunset nears

Let me wane
Even as I have waxed
Through days and years

Let me feel the rhythm
The eternal renewal 
Of each new now

Of fox and tree
Wave and sky
Sun and moon

In peace
So may it be
For me

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