Kneading Love

I sink down
Breathing in
This dark salty water

Beneath the waves
Beneath the storms
Beneath the fishes
Beneath the foam

Beneath arousal

I sink down
Breathing in
This ocean of tears

Tender tears
Joy and love
Sorrow and loss
Life whispers

I sink down
Breathing in
This eternal sea


On the bedrock of your love

As I listen
Thoughtless -
That is
Deeper than thought

As I breathe
Careless -
That is
Quieter than care

I make love to you with my hands
Kneading your stiff shoulders

My nose breathes in
The analgesic
As my mind breathes in
The dark quiet
Waters of divinity

I breathe in NOW
Just now
I breathe out love
Always love

I knead love into your shoulders
With the analgesic

Beyond orgasm
Lies the learning
How to make love
In the deep unknowing

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