Wednesday was
A very not special day
But I did get out of bed
Before noon

(Ah, the luxury of retirement where 9:00 counts as early, 10:00 as usual, 11:00 as sometimes – and then there are the days when the morning passes with me still abed. Like a poet in some Victorian romance. I read, I write, I play logic games on the computer, I pray, I listen to podcasts and watch YouTube videos about whatever has most recently caught my attention. Ah, retirement)

So there I was
Awake and dressed
Bed made
Before noon

I finished loading the dishwasher
And turned it on
I washed some pots and plastic ware
My hands luxuriating in the warm soapy water
While I gazed out the kitchen window
On daffodils and Lenten roses
Carolina jasmine
And buds just visible
On our newest Japanese maple

I ran some errands
I organized some paperwork
Woody and I watched 
An episode of Vera
I joined two friends for dinner
Two good friends
One is 30-something
One is 50-something
I am 70-more-than-something

Our dinner stretched
Stretched like our friendship
Strong and elastic
And oh so comfortable

Perhaps we three are
Perhaps we are, each one, all three
Perhaps we are just good friends

Then I came home
At midnight
To Woody and bed

It was good to be alive 
on such an ordinary
extraordinay day

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