Psalm 8

O God, my God
Let Your name be majestic in all my life
May Your glory always shine brightly above all else in my lifeNov15_25
When I was young
I learned to sing Your praise
I learned You were stronger than any worries or wrongness
Now, I look to this universe that is Your work
The moon, the stars and everything around us

To remind myself of Your power and sovereignty
You are responsible for everything and everyone
Yet You pay attention to me individually
You love me
You want me to live well
With glory and honor
You give me the ability to rule my life
To control the beasties and burdens
That threaten me
O God, my God
How majestic is Your name in all my life. Amen.

One thought on “Psalm 8

  1. at the deep level, i see the world of the word STRENGTH. thanks dr keller.

    it was my cousin’s birthday that day.

    it’s such a funny world…..i mean funny-bone…not humourous.

    one of my cousins.

    i like your word -responsible.

    as i pose into your psalm more….i see the last line is just that same word i have in my received bible…..”majestic.”


    dr James Sire -author of The Universe Next Door- talks about how much GOD is sovereign. (: Wow….the invisible one God. Sire is a Christian though.

    Have you read That Hideous Strength, by Lewis?



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