Psalm 1

Blessed can I be
If I avoid walking in anger
Standing around feeling sorry for myself
Sitting smugly judging others
Instead let me focus on the good
Turn my mind always to God’s positive
Then my life will take shape like a fruitful tree
Watered by fresh flowing streams
(“A tree that talks to God all day
And lifts her leafy arms to pray”)
I will not wither and shrivel into the negative
I will feel prosperous, nourished and nourishing
The alternative is not at all attractive
My life becomes like dead leaves
Blown every which way by discouraging thoughts
My tree will be bowed down, broken and uprooted
I will be unable to enjoy goodness and good people
The good choice supports light and life
The other choice brings darkness and a living death.  Amen

One thought on “Psalm 1

  1. I just read this psalm, ad hoc. I like your last few lines…your final couplet is powerful. I, too, love and remarked in my heart and in my mind’s eye on line/verse three/3. The bounty of the everlasting hills, is a great line, although Thomas Cahill translates it The Desire of the Everlasting Hills. Love is within us.


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