Psalm 9

I want to praise you, God, with all my heart
I want to tell of all Your wonders
Rejoicing in You, singing praises to Your name, O Most High
Will make me happy and content
Then there will be no place for my worst thoughts and fears
They will perish before You
For You lift up and light up my mind and heart
You are a true judge of my thoughts and feelings
You have the right and the power
To keep me whole, keep me true
Keep me safe from the enemies within
The weeds in my mind that invade my peace
Envy, suspicion, depression, alienation
You can blot them out forever
You can uproot them
So that I forget the darkness and live in the light
For myself, I want God to reign forever
To be my judge and my gardener
To govern my unruly heart
To be my refuge when I feel oppressed
My stronghold when I am troubled
If I can only remember to call on You, God
If I can only remember
That You have never forsaken those who seek You
Then I can sing praises with a light heart
Sing praises to my Sovereign enthroned in my heart
Then I can silence all my fears with Your name
Because You do not ever forget me as I sometimes forget You
You never ignore my cries for help
But You can see what has happened to me
Too often, I let darkness rule in my life
Have mercy and lift me up
Out of my darkness that strangles hope
Lift me up so I can praise You and rejoice in Your power
In my salvation
Lift me up out of the pit I dig for myself
Out of the weeds of doubt that entangle me
You, You are known by Your justice and truth
I am in danger of being ensnared by my own worst tendencies
Of falling again into the pit of depression
Of forgetting God. Please & Praise
So all I can do is depend on Your faithfulness
You do not forget me
You remain my hope
Arise, God, arise in my mind
Don’t let the dark and worldly parts of me win
Rule my mind and my heart
Weed the garden of my soul
Flood it with Your light
Banish my darkness – it is nothing compared to You. Please & Praise. Amen.

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