Psalm 2

I seem to have warring nations inside me
Different people plotting, striving, in vain
Too often, the winners take their stand against peace
Against Lady Wisdom
Then I see religion only as chains of duties
Fetters of narrow-mindedness
And yet I come back, again and again
To the glory and the light of the One in heaven
The One who can scoff at my naysayers
The One who can rebuke my depression
In God’s glory, gloom cannot stay
Up and up God takes my vision
To God’s holy Ruler on high
With relief, with gratitude I can say
That I belong to God, I get to claim God’s protection
God promises me a wonderful inheritance
The ability to conquer those warring nations inside me
So I remind myself to be wise
To serve the Ruler of light and rejoice
To kiss the Daughter of peace and turn away from depression and anxiety
Blessed are all who take refuge in Lady Wisdom.  Amen.

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