Psalm 3

O God, how many are my discouraging thoughts
How often they rise up against my peace
Many times I say to myself
“It’s hopeless. There is no God to deliver me.”
But here is what I want to believe
That You are a shield around me
That You bestow glory on me and lift up my life.
So to You I turn and cry aloud in my mind
Praying You will answer me from heights of holy hope
When I lie down and sleep
When I wake again, sustain me, please
Remind me
That I need not fear
The tens of thousands of discouraging thoughts
Ready to defeat me on every side, in every effort
Rise, Rise up above those pitfalls, oh my soul
Rise up to goodness and light
Deliver me, O my God
From the gaping mouths and sharp teeth
Of depression and despair,
From dark images and defensiveness
The God of light brings deliverance
May your blessing be on me as one of your people. Amen.

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