Psalm 28

To You I call, O God, my steady support
Do not turn a deaf ear to me
For if You remain silent I will be lost
Lost in the pit of my doubts and darkness
Hear my cry for help, for mercy
As I lift my heart to Your holiness
Do not let me be dragged down by wickedness
Do not let me be good only in how I look to others
While inside my heart turns to evil and malicious thoughts
You and You alone can destroy the darkness in me
Only Your light can banish that darkness
You can tear down the hardened walls around my heart
You can soften my heart as You did Pharaoh’s of old
And so I praise You, my God, knowing You have heard me
Truly You are my strength, the shield of my mind
My heart trusts You; my heart leaps for joy
The joy in my heart spills upward into song and praise
I am Yours. You are my strength and shield, my fortress of salvation
You save me, You save us all, You bless us, You shepherd us, You carry us
Forever. Alleluia and Amen!

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