Psalm 27

God is my light and my salvation – What  darkness need I fear?
God is my strength – What  weakness can destroy me?
When the dark and deadly arise in me to devour my peace
When my doubts and depression attack me, they will not, cannot succeed
Though darkness besieges me, God can lighten my heart
Though those warring nations arise inside me, even then I can trust God
One thing I ask of God; this is what I seek: That my spirit may ever find
Rest, peace and shelter in God all the days of my life
That my inner vision remain fixed on the strong beauty of God
That my thoughts ever seek God
Then in my times of trouble God will keep me safe and secure
God will shield me from despair; God will lift me high above depression
Then I will feel exalted, victorious over that creeping darkness
Then I can offer God my joy, my praise, my song, my soul
So, God, please: Hear my voice when I call; have mercy and answer me
My heart tells me to seek You; help me, God, to follow my heart
Don’t give up on me; don’t get angry with me; don’t reject or forsake me
O God, my Savior. Though I sometimes feel forsaken by family, friends
And even by You, God, You keep me close.
So please, teach me Your ways, lead me in Your path
Away from my darkness, away from my doubts and demons
Away from the violence I do to my own peace of mind
So that I can recognize Your goodness all around me
Then I will wait with confidence for You, God
Then I will be strong and take heart and wait – and wait –
Confidently for You, God.  Amen.

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