Psalm 26

I need You to claim me, God
As if I had led a blameless life
As if every day had been a best day
Because on a best day
I trust You without wavering
You can examine my thoughts and feelings
And find only love and Your truth
No lies, no hypocrisy, no envy
No sins, no doubts, no failings at all
Just Your innocence and my worship of You
My life resonates with Your praise
My words and actions reflect Your grace, Your salvation
I love Your place in my soul, that interior castle
Where Your glory dwells
So please, God, make this best the daily reality of my life
Don’t let my thoughts, feelings and actions turn dark
Don’t let me sink beneath storms of doubt
Don’t let me forget
Redeem me and be merciful to me
As if I had led a life without doubt, a life always centered on You
Quiet my storms, level my pits
So I can stand secure in Your peace
So I can praise You with my whole being. Amen.

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