Psalm 35

God, you know my enemies
I do not have to worry about war or life-threatening illness
I do not have to worry about people wanting to kill me
You know what kills my spirit, what threatens my faith and contentment
You know my terrible Ds: doubt, depression, despair, discouragement
You know how often my own thoughts and worries defeat me
How often I say, “This is too much”, “I can’t”, “I’m not good enough”
These are the enemies I need You to contend with for me
Come to my aid with all Your weapons of salvation and love
Turn away my downtrodden thoughts and feelings
Let them blow away on Your mighty wind
Don’t let them overtake me, trip me up, bury me
Let me rejoice in You, let me praise You to the skies
Let me find my confidence and peace in You
Rescue and enrich my poor soul
Rescue me from my own tendencies to rob my confidence
When those thoughts of being unworthy fill me
When I question the value of everything I have done
When I feel unloved, unnoticed, unworthy
When I begin to compare myself, always unfavorably, with others
Rescue me, save me, grant me Your peace that passes understanding
Lift me up so that all can see my great thanksgiving to You
Save me from my own turmoil, doubts and confusion
Do not be far from me, God
Save me through Your righteousness
Save me from my monsters that swallow my possibilities
My friends will join me in praising You, in shouting for joy and gladness
We will say, “God, who ensures our well-being, be exalted”
I will proclaim YOUR righteousness, sing YOUR praises all day long

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