Psalm 31

In You, God, I take refuge; refuge from my own shame
Deliver me in Your righteousness
Listen, please, to me, and come quickly to my rescue
Be my protecting mother, my saving father
Trusting that You are my mother and father
I know You will lead and guide me
You will keep those internal traps from catching me
From destroying my peace and my abilities
Into Your hands I commit my spirit and my life
Deliver me, my faithful God
Deliver me from worthless idols
Let me always say, “I trust in God”
I will be glad and rejoice in Your love
For you saw my affliction and knew the anguish of my soul
You have not abandoned me to darkness
You have lifted my spirits into a spacious place
Please, God, be merciful to me when I am in distress
When I feel weak with sorrow, bowed down in soul and body with grief
When it seems my life is consumed by anguish, my years by groaning
When my own strength of will is not enough, when my resolve weakens
When I feel deserted by friends and neighbors
When I feel dead, broken like discarded pottery
When I feel like my own thoughts conspire against me
Taking everything worthwhile from my life
Then, then, please, let me turn to You, God
Let me say, “I am Yours”
My times are in Your hands, please save me
Let Your face shine on me
Save me through Your unfailing love
Remove my shame, my fear, my self-defeat
Silence the whispers of worthlessness
That destroy my peace with lies
Let me remember this
How abundant are the good things that You have stored up
For those who turn to You, take refuge in You
Shelter in Your presence
Hide in Your dwelling
Safe from darkness and fear
Safe from self-defeat and discouragement
Praise be to You, God,
For You show me the wonders of Your love
When I felt like an orphan
When I felt entirely cut off from You
When my trust in You, my belief in You, failed
Still You heard my cry, You saw my need, You saved me
Let me always love God, let me always be faithful
God is strong enough to take care of us all
So I can be strong; I can take heart
I can hope in God.

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