Psalm 32

I count myself lucky because my sins are forgiven
Covered, not counted, wiped clean
So my spirit, my soul does not need to hide behind lies
When I lie to myself, when I pretend I can rule my own life
I end up depressed, defeated, feeling downtrodden and deserted
I have no energy, no enthusiasm, no stamina, no hope
Then when I remember to turn to You, God
I find renewal and forgiveness
Therefore, let me pray to You always because You are always with me
Through my stormy times, through my desert times
You are my best refuge
You protect me from my troubles, Your power sings within me
Your power sings that You will stay with me, teach me, counsel me, love me
Help me in my stubbornness. Make me less like a mule and more like a dog.
Help me to remember
That even when I feel overwhelmed by threats to my peace of mind
Overwhelmed by life
Your unfailing love surrounds me, if I just trust in You
So, with that great cloud of witnesses
With all of us redeemed by Your righteousness
I can rejoice and be glad
I can sing and be happy
I can live in Your peace that passes understanding

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