Psalm 33

[I read the start of psalm 33 and wondered, why would I sing joyfully?
But by the end of the psalm, my heart WAS singing.]

I sing joyfully to God
Though I have only borrowed righteousness
I can do the loud shouts
Not so much the playing skillfully
And my song is not a new song
But the old, old song of that great cloud of witnesses
This, this is the God who calls me to Her
God of faithfulness
God of righteousness
God of justice
God of steadfast love
God is creator and savior
God is my hope and my strength
God’s word is strong and true
God’s promise is faithful and righteous and just
God’s love is unfailing; the earth is full of God’s unfailing love
God created the world: skies, seas, land, every living being
Rulers hold power for a time
God’s power is forever
Might can win some battles
God’s might conquers all
Sometimes we can do what we want; often we fail
God’s plans never fail
God’s purpose never waivers
And God’s plan, God’s purpose, is to love us, to save us
God watches over all of us, forms our hearts
Considers our strengths and weaknesses – with love
So we can always wait in hope for God
God who is our help and our shield
God whom we trust, God in whom we rejoice
God whose unfailing love is always with us
God who causes us to sing
A song of hope and love and praise and joy.

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