Psalm 34

(one of my favorites)
This is how I want to live my life:
Praising God at all times, for the greater glory of God
When I am afflicted with doubts and despair
Let me remember and rejoice
Let me remember that God answers me when I call
God delivers me from all my fears
God makes me glow with happiness and security
God saves me out of all my troubles
God surrounds me with love and delivers me
Let me taste and see that God is good
Let me be among the blessed who take refuge in God
Let me remember that those who revere God are content
Natural strength and power fail, God’s never fails
Like a child, I need to learn this lesson again and again
(I write the psalms to teach myself this lesson)
Like everyone, I love life and want many good days
I want success and contentment and love
God instructs me, in love, in the right way
The way of truth, the way of goodness, the way of peace
Let me seek peace and pursue it always
God sees the goodness in me; God supports the goodness in me
God turns away my depression, doubts, despair
God delivers me from all my troubles
When I am brokenhearted, when my spirit feels crushed
Even then God is close, God saves me
God lends me Her own righteousness
God protects my life and my spirit, my soul and my heart
Evil and wickedness, doubt and despair will disappear
God will never disappear
My rescue is assured, my refuge is safe, forever

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