Psalm 63

“Oh God, you are my God, I see you, my soul thirsts for you”
Can’t say better than that
Water, water again, the water of eternal life, of no more thirst
The water that causes life to flower
The water of love that is better than life, better than a parched, dry life
In what sanctuary do I find water? Where do I go?
When I lift my hands and one leg in the tree asana?
When I sing hymns in church?
When I sit in bed, early in the morning, playing with the psalms?
Everywhere and anywhere, of course
Here is laughter, here is joy, here is security
Not just water but a rich feast of comfort and security
Morning, noon and night
In waking, working hours, in dark, quiet hours
Always You, God, are my help and in Your shadow is light
And truth and water and feast – joy upon joy
A flood of trouble cannot drown me because You hold onto me
Ha, ha – I laugh the laugh of scorn at troubles, doubts, all the terrible Ds
They are doomed
I am saved. Enough already. Amen.

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